Cafes / Restaurants / Bars Can Celebrate JazzApril

What goes better with food and drink than jazz? Cafes, restaurants, bars and other eating and drinking establishments can participate in JazzApril in a variety of ways, including "April is Jazz Month" discounts, food and drink specials named after jazz greats, playing recorded jazz on the premises or, even better, booking local jazz musicians.

On April 30, International Jazz Day, you might also consider showing the webcast of Herbie Hancock and other jazz luminaries in a day-long series of  concerts livestreamed from Istanbul, Turkey. Call it a viewing party and be sure to invite your best customers.

And there are other ways to involve your customers in special jazz events: One of the most creative we've seen are the Jazz Drawing Sessions held at Chez Lucien in Ottawa; shown below in a 2011 eyeJAZZ video by Chris Plecash.

In fact, no matter what kind of business or organization you have, there's a way for you to take part in JazzApril and get the word out about jazz in your community while turning local jazz fans into loyal customers. This is a grassroots, DYI campaign to support Jazz Appreciation Month and International Jazz Day, and there are no requirements or payments to participate.  Find out more and get other tips, suggestions and free resources here.